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The purpose of this department is to perform follow up and planning in order to ensure the best levels of health care for ministry of interior employees and families through planning and follow-up of all works related to operation. Quality section belongs to this department. One of its tasks is the service of successful operation of the hospital and reviewing policies and procedures of all hospital departments through quality and participation in supervising all projects to be performed at the hospital, and follow-up of carrying out recommendations provided in minutes of meetings of main committees of the hospital as well as performing procedures of researches and studies to serve the hospital mission and objectives in addition to acting as consultative department to hospital's management.


Services & Specialties
We are a private hospital offering the very highest standards of clinical skills and nursing care across a wide range of specialties.
Volunteering - Atasemanso Hospital
Volunteering at a hospital plays an important role in the healing of patients and assisting their families. Serving others is a special gift and our hospital is searching for those who will serve patients in all areas.


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