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Immunization excercise is also carried out in our hospital. Newly born babies are immunized with the various vaccines namely:

1)   BCG at birth 0.05mls start
2)   Poliomyelitis 2 drops at start
3)   Diphtheria Pertutsis Tetanus influenza B and Hepatitis B for 3 consecutive months.
4)   Tanol Toxoid 0.5mls starts during 1and 3 trimesters. All of the above are administered successfully.
5)   Vitamins A supplements 200,000 IU ST (post delivery)


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We are a private hospital offering the very highest standards of clinical skills and nursing care across a wide range of specialties.
Volunteering - Atasemanso Hospital
Volunteering at a hospital plays an important role in the healing of patients and assisting their families. Serving others is a special gift and our hospital is searching for those who will serve patients in all areas.


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