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In-Patient Services

At Atasemanso Hospital, we provide 24 hour per day care. Our experienced staff serves our patients who are hospitalized to receive specialized medical and surgical treatments and procedures that are not manageable as an outpatient. Our unit has 20 beds, including several private rooms for patients requiring isolation.

Nursing care is based upon respect for the dignity and worth of every individual. We believe in quality care, professionalism, caring, flexibility, commitment and continuous improvement.

In order to provide all the best for our inpatients, Atasemanso Hospital provides a physician in our facility 24 hours per day, seven days per week.


Services & Specialties
We are a private hospital offering the very highest standards of clinical skills and nursing care across a wide range of specialties.
Volunteering - Atasemanso Hospital
Volunteering at a hospital plays an important role in the healing of patients and assisting their families. Serving others is a special gift and our hospital is searching for those who will serve patients in all areas.


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